meet manolo


Born and raised in the home of Spanglish and cafecitos! Coming from such a vibrant city as Miami, Florida, my penchant for capturing life’s greatest moments started at an early age.

My theater background highly contributed to an ever-growing love for the arts and a desire to connect with people. Many of my experiences have allowed me to genuinely understand how powerful imagery can be and what kind of effect it can have on both its subjects and audience. I take the role of capturing and protecting memories very seriously and I possess a strong appreciation for the extraordinary, I strive for it in all I do—whether that’s turning fleeting moments into everlasting memories or finding my current city’s best slice of pizza while traveling.

behind the lens


fast forward


speaker & educator

Host, Mentor, Speaker, Panelist, & More

Being in this industry for as long as I have, I have learned so much! I believe that it is our duty to share these experiences with others. Speaking and Educating at events has allowed me to share that information with others in my industry. These experiences, good and bad, have changed the way I run my business, communicate with others, and has even affected my creativity. This information should be shared with others as much as possible.
As new members enter our industry, it is our duty to pass on our knowledge and mentor them as they will one day grow to build and strengthen our industry.

speaker & educator



the details

Commercial photography is all about the perfect shot, the details, and what will represent each person or company in the best possible light. I feel so honored that I am entrusted with this responsibility.

Think of the imagery you see each day: billboards, bus bench advertisements, magazine covers, or even a CEOs headshot.

These are the images that work to showcase an individual or business to the world.

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