I'm ready for my close up!

Many of us are pet lovers. Not just pet lovers, we are totally obsessed with our pets. Who can blame us, they become much more than the house animal, they in fact become family. I recently read somewhere that we don't rescue pets but they rescue us. As far as Betty is concerned Samson is not a pet at all but a member, a very spoiled member of the family. As you can tell from these photos Samson is a superstar and Betty might as well get used to catering to her little celebrity.

Jill, Ryan, Lizzie and Bennie join as one big happy family.

Working on this wedding was a special treat for me. Being an animal lover I was thrilled with the news that two of the four family members were of the "furry four legged kind". I couldn't wait to photograph the pooches taking part in the wedding ceremony. This was an extremely fun assignment for me. Ceremony & Reception: Breakers West Country Club, West Palm Beach Entertainment: Liquid Dj's

These are the extended family members. Lizzie is the chocolate lab and Bennie is the Golden. They did a great job bringing in the rings down the aisle.