Miami Magazine: October 2014

Really excited to be part of this month's issue! Thank you Miami Magazine and Modern Luxury. I wish I could have more perfect days like that :) Sources: Makeup- Deborah ConcepcionMiami Magazine, PAMM, Stephen Starr Restuarants, Design District, Barry's Bootcamp, The Standard, Brad Cozza, Evolution Model Management, Fontainebleau ResortChez Bon Bon

A Romantic Island Adventure with Bibi & Guillermo

Rock of Ages meets the SweetLife.

Living in Miami we are very fortunate to have awesome weather. As a photographer being able to use my hometown as a backdrop is (like visa says) priceless! So when I drove up to shoot Marianna for her SweetLife photo session I almost fell on the floor. I was excited and surprised when I realized that they were about to begin filming a movie. Yes you guessed it, Rock of Ages. This big budget movie will be staring Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta, Paul Giamatti, Russell Brand, Mary J. Blige, Malin Akerman, Bryan Cranston, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Alec Baldwin and Tom Cruise. Wow, a mouth full of celebrities. Little did they know I had my own celebrity to photograph. Upon arriving at the set I realized they were not yet ready for filming. We quietly and nonchalantly walked on to the set and the fun and laughter began. Yes, we were able to shoot on the exact set that you will see in the actual movie. They made the set resemble Los Angeles 1987. Enjoy the pics.

BTW, thank you to Marianna's mom for the delicious homemade banana bread. I know there was some kind of strawberry bread delivered to the studio, but that somehow never made it to me..Maybe it's because I was on vacation..Well I'm back.. hint hint.

It's all about the planning.. Sweet Life, Caro's Fifteens..

Planning was the focus of this photo shoot. I knew Caro was comfortable in front of the camera, being a dancer and a performer I was more concerned about the locations, props and wardrobe than I was about Caro. When I made my home visit to talk about wardrobe there was no shortage of options. Just the opposite, we have to move the clothing and accessories out to the living room because the was no more space in Caro's bedroom. It took a while but we were able to narrow down the top 5 outfits I had a very cool surprise. I was told that Caro & Mom were going to get a a stylist to the celebrities and pick out a few options. Make sure to check out the last outfit, it's very Lady Gaga. Big thanks to everyone who made this shoot possible: Hair & Make up: Deborah Concepcion - All About you by DC Music Video: Luis Torres - Utopia Video Productions Vintage Corvette - Dad Styling of Last outfit Irma Martinez - Trendy Inc

Special thanks to Luis and Magnolia for this video clip