the investment

Investing in a photographer is about more than a monetary value. It’s about investing in a relationship, in a rapport. It’s about investing in someone to be present in those small moments yet always anticipating the next move. It’s not a task that I believe should be taken lightly, I believe that these personal connections are the foundation for great portraits.

When it comes to wedding and event photography, my experience has shown me that no two events are ever the same. Therefore, additional details are necessary in order for me to provide accurate pricing information.

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what's included in all of our collections

Included with both my collections and hourly a la carte are the following complimentary items.
Online Gallery
The password protected gallery is set live for an initial 90 days post Viewing Party and can be extended by request. You are invited to share your gallery with relatives and friends, there they can view portraits and purchase products. All orders are fulfilled in studio and drop shipped.
Digital Proof Set
Provided post Viewing Party, your digital proof set is a collection of final images sized to 4x6 / 300 dpi with my signature on the bottom right hand corner.

An assistant is included with all collections because they are there to help ease transitions, guard or carry equipment, hold my light for portraits or formalities, as well as assist in gathering groups for family portraits. I want my focus to be on you and capturing every part of your day seamlessly, having an assistant on hand allows me to do just that.
Viewing Party

This is my way of presenting your portraits to you and it is an experience I take great pride in. You may choose to keep this an intimate moment for just you two or you may opt to bring up to 15 guests with you. I transform the studio’s living room in to your private theater, supplying beverages (champagne is always a must!) and light snacks. All you have to do is sit back, relax and relive a beautiful experience via a slideshow presentation of approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

I was so honored to be featured in the New York Times, to shed light on this great new trend I’ve been doing since 2008.

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photography wedding timeline

When it comes to creating your photography timeline, I am extremely hands on.

I understand the mechanics of a full wedding day and the many variables that come into play, from the necessary time allocated for hair and makeup to venue restrictions, sunset time and tackling those formal family portraits.

I know how long each part of your day should take and how to best create a timeline that allows you to be relaxed and never rushed to get amazing portraits, and genuinely enjoy your event and time with one another.

wedding design

One of our most important meetings together is our Wedding Design Appointment, It takes place a few weeks before your wedding date. Prior to this appointment, I will provide you with a Wedding Kit, requesting several key details ranging from wedding pros contact information to your requested Family Portrait List. Based on factors such as the timing of your ceremony, if you will be having a First Encounter, specific photo requests, the size of your Wedding Party, I then create a seamless timeline.

Once complete you will feel confident and reassured that all will unfold as it should and be able to provide your relatives with appropriate times to be ready and what to expect throughout the day in regard to photography.

payment options and plans

Once you are ready to say “We Do” to working together and signing your letter of engagement, I offer three payment options to reserve my services.
Pay in Full
As simple as it sounds, pay in full upon signing your contract and leave your mind at ease so we can focus on planning spectacular portraits.
The perfect option for clients who are really interested in taking advantage of their Wedding Registry. Reserve services with an initial retainer of 50% and pay the remaining balance two weeks before your Wedding date.
Interest Free Payment Plan
An initial retainer of $1000 is required to reserve services along with your signed contract. The balance is divided into monthly installments, the last payment is completed two weeks prior to wedding A credit card is required to be kept on file with this option. My credit card point conscience clients love this option because it allows them to build points on a card, which can later be used for travel incentives on their honeymoon.

additional services

Some clients choose to have events which require minimal coverage, a few hours on the day of and a beautiful heirloom are enough to tell their story beautifully. While others are interested in something a bit more comprehensive, capturing every moment and angle of their story.

To accommodate the needs of every client, I offer the following additional services. 

Additional Service


I am a firm believer in the power of engagement portraits. This time allows you as a couple to get comfortable in front of the camera and us to get comfortable with each other. You can showcase your personalities in a more casual setting while creating some fun, memorable images for Wall Portraits, your Forget Me Nots, and the popular Save The Date.

Additional Service


Everyone is pretty familiar with engagement or boudoir portraits, but post-wedding portraits have become some of my favorite portraits. These portraits will allow you to do something you might have not done on the wedding day. From riding a horse, going out in the water or even change your style from that of the wedding day.

Additional Service

His or Her Eyes Only

Show off your beauty and love yourself with photographs that you can treasure. Tastefully shot; these sexy, fun, empowering portraits are designed to celebrate you in every way. Take a break from the wedding planning and treat yourself to those outfits that make you feel confident and radiant. Incorporate your fiancé with personal touches to reflect their favorite hobbies or even some of their clothing, such as their favorite shirt, sweater or tie. Make your portraits extra special by incorporating wedding details such as your garter, those new killer shoes or your veil!

Additional Service


Take advantage of having those closest to you gathered for one final celebration before the big day! Most often Welcome Dinners are a great opportunity to capture portraits of couples with their relatives and wedding party, without the formality of your wedding day attire.

Additional Service

Pre-Wedding Events

This includes but is not limited to coverage of Engagement Parties, Bridal Shower or Couples' Shower, Mendi, Bridesmaid Luncheon and Groomsmen Luncheon, etc. Months of planning go into not only your Wedding Day but all the celebrations leading up to it. Those closest to you have worked tirelessly to curate perfect events honoring you and their love for you, what better way to thank them then by capturing every moment. Use these portraits to create custom and unique wedding party gifts.

Additional Service


You’ve planned and invested in your dream destination but your memories will be left to the will of your cell phone’s camera. Honeymoon coverage allows you to take advantage of gorgeous locations and create stunning imagery while enjoying wedded bliss! I take a documentary approach to honeymoon photography, ensuring that your time is not spent posing endlessly but capturing you in your natural state, exploring unknown locations.

Additional Service

Additional Photographer

I am fully confident in my ability to photograph a Wedding or Event without an additional photographer, it is something I have done many times. However, no matter how hard I try I cannot duplicate myself to be in two places at once. Occasionally the day’s timeline will call for moving parts to take place at the same time, such as cocktail hour and family portraits. Having an additional photographer provides an extra piece of mind that no portion of the day is under photographed.

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