Purchasing Appointment Details

The Purchasing Process

First, allow us to express just how excited we are to share your images with you. We’d love to take a moment to provide you with a bit more information about our purchasing process for creating custom heirlooms and keepsakes. Please review the information below and do not hesitate to give us a call at 305-596-1885 if you have any questions.

1 – The Appointment

We designate this purchasing appointment as a one-time opportunity for you (and all other decision-makers) to place all desired orders. You will join us in the Studio Living Room for a personalized presentation of all your final images. Like always we will have champagne and refreshments available!

Next, one of our design experts will assist you to narrow down your favorite images and determine the best products possible for you and your home. We reserve an hour and a half to ensure we have plenty of time to complete all orders.

2 – Your Homework – What to do before you arrive

If you have in mind to put some of your portraits on your walls, take a photo of your wall, and email it to us before your appointment, this will allow us to have a preview for you to see. We find that this helps tremendously in the decision-making process when you can visually see your favorite image scaled to size in your favorite room of the house.

A few tips when photographing your wall(s):
1. Stand directly in front of the wall.
2. Be sure the entire wall is in the frame of your photo.
3. Provide us with an exact measurement of at least one item in the photo.
Our recommendation, tape a sheet of copy paper (approximately 8.5×11″) to the center of your wall.

3 – The Goods

We are a full-service studio and can produce a variety of items for your home and as gifts. Below you will find all our products, which we call “The Goods”. We have separated the product into three categories. “Wall Art” encompasses everything you can hang on the wall; from prints to our unique elements collection. The “Albums” are great for placing all your favorite images on one beautifully bound book. And finally our “Keepsakes”  includes everything else from cards to boxes.

We suggest you start reviewing what might catch your eye by visiting our Products Gallery.

4 – Digital Incentives – An added value

We appreciate your investment in the products you purchase and want to reward you. We know in today’s world, digital images are a must, so we offer 5 different levels of investment bonuses. The more you invest the more value you take home.

Investment Level $5000

  • High-resolution digital of all final images
  • Video slideshow from purchasing meeting

Investment Level $3500

  • Digital proofs of all final image
  • Video slideshow from purchasing meeting

Investment Level $1500

  • Digital proofs of all final images

Investment Level $1000

  • 15 Digital proof images

Investment Level $500

  • 10 Digital proof images

5 – Product Gallery

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