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“I have been in a lot of weddings and have experienced the huge amount of time photographers can take on taking posed family/ wedding party shots. While this is great for those who like these traditional photos, I wanted something fun. I wanted Manolo to capture all the family and guests but in a natural state. I wanted the pictures to be “in the moment” and I wanted the extra time to spend with my family and friends.

I found Manolo and he was perfect. His photos have a very natural, beautiful look. He listened to what I really wanted and did exactly what I asked him. He was able to catch us all in the moment and he made sure to bring out the beauty in us. Manolo took the time to go through thousands of pictures and picked out some of the best making it easier for my husband and I to decide what pictures we wanted.

My husband and I get told frequently that our pictures look like we should be in a magazine! He’s really that good! Manolo is so creative and just knows how to capture natural light and use nature or props around him to help enhance your photos so they tell a magical story.

I highly recommend Manolo to anyone. With his talent and experience, he is able to do whatever you ask him to do. He is very professional and a really cool person to work with! He definitely takes pride in his photography and it shows. You won’t be disappointed!”

— Melissa | Wedding Wire


“Manolo is amazing! He has a way of making you feel so calm and comfortable during the entire wedding day. Aside from his awesome personality, his work is spectacular! He surprised us at our reception with a short slide show of some of the pictures he had already taken throughout the day. The quality of his work is above and beyond.”

— Stephanie B | The Knot


“Manolo is absolutely phenomenal. the second you walk into his office and sit down, he makes you instantly comfortable. A true testament of a professional is someone who can make each and every client feel like they are the single most important client and Manolo does this effortlessly. When I first approached Manolo for a photo-shoot, I was all over the place with “ideas”; I came to him with a HUNDRED pictures, Pinterest pins, magazine cut outs and the like! He sat with me in the initial consultation and helped develop all these photos into a seamless, AMAZINGLY executed concept and it was magic! When the day finally came to see him in action, it was nothing short of spectacular.

He focused on truly capturing moments and getting the perfect shot, each and every time. Being that he was working in a scenario with more than just one person, the way he made everyone laugh and feel comfortable translated directly into the photos! The end result was artistic, effortless and stunning. I have since worked with Manolo on everything from weddings, food photo shoots and personal family moments and each and every single time, he doesn’t cease to amaze me; he truly is the best around.”

— Nicole | Yelp

“Manolo and his staff are absolutely amazing! We were fortunate enough to have him capture our engagement session and wedding. During both occasions he made us feel at ease and it was truly effortless. His attention to detail, professional disposition and charisma put him above the rest.

From the pre-shoot meetings to the wonderful presentation of the photos after the event, Manolo and his staff go above and beyond to please their clients and make sure every detail is covered. I am so happy that we chose Manolo to capture our special day- because of his artistry and creativity our photos are absolutely incredible!!”

— Krizia | The Knot

“Manolo is an artist, and what he was able to capture in our June 2016 wedding day was breathtaking! I was looking for a photographer that was going to get artistic jaw-dropping shots, traditional shots, and the unexpected moments. I’m demanding though because I didn’t just want a great product, I wanted a photographer that got along with us, that understood mine and my husband’s vision for our wedding, and that could make both our families smile on command without looking fake. That is asking A LOT! For Manolo though, he did it with ease and looked so sharp in a navy suit while doing it ;)

Everyone noticed the stunning photos, yet no one noticed cameras in their face all night or blocking their view of our ceremony or first dance.

Manolo and him team work extremely efficiently and with such ease that all photographic transitions were so fluid and quick. On a hot, summer day, this is paramount. I truly cannot gush over Manolo and our photographs enough.

I am now starting the process of making an album. With the album you can either choose all the pictures yourself or have them design an album, for which I would have the final approval and say of course. I am a type-A, pour over every detail, kinda person, but with this album, I’m excited to see which pictures him and his team design for us, because I trust them that much, and they have proven that they completely get our style.

100% recommend Manolo and In Focus Studios!”

— Lauren | The Knot


“The BEST wedding photographer in Miami!

I can’t write enough nice things about my experience working with Manolo and his team for our wedding… everything was handled with the utmost professionalism.

And Manolo made my husband and I feel so relaxed and at ease taking our photos on our wedding day… I was not stressed for one second. Every shot turned out beyond beautiful… and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

We will cherish those photos for the rest of our lives.. and to all the brides out there… the peace of mind that you get when booking Manolo is PRICELESS!

I promise there is no way you will be disappointed.”

— Alexandra | The Knot


“Choosing a photographer for my wedding was one of the most difficult decisions for me. I’m a pretty decisive person, and i found it difficult to decide because there are a myriad of photography styles and countless photographers in Miami.

I met with 9 photographers and when I met Manolo i was hooked. He was the ONLY person that asked us questions about ourselves and our style instead of just the basic “how many people will attend” and “which venue did you choose”. She asked about our likes and dislikes, our personalities and even our favorite candy!

Manolo is extremely easy to get along with, professional, upbeat and most of all creative. So far he has shot our engagement pictures and wedding. We have one more shoot with him and I have to idea what to expect because his images and the way he captures us as a couple is really amazing. 
When working with us I noticed that he not only took beautiful pictures bet he also makes you feel so at ease while doing it. In the pictures where we are laughing, we are genuinely laughing at something he said which really makes the images look natural and not posed or fake.

Most importantly he managed to capture us as a couple and exactly the way we are which is certainly loving and quite frankly a little goofy.

He offers a large variety of books, albums, pictures boxes and other accessories to choose from and everything is done professionally and in a timely manner. His staff is equally as nice and professional as well.

I also really appreciate the Viewing Party that he puts together once your images are ready. He invites you to the studio with your closest family and friends for refreshments and snacks while you view a slideshow of the images, set to music in his beautiful studio. These details coupled with his incredible eye, make him a true artist and businessman.

I would certainly recommend In Focus Studios to anyone that craves creative memories instead of just another posed photo.”

— Private User | Wedding Wire


“I knew from the moment I met Manolo that we made the right decision in choosing him as our photographer.He was so high energy, kind and professional. Our final pre-planning meeting was incredibly efficient and he got us perfectly prepared for the day.

But I had no idea how much energy he had until the day of our wedding! He was incredibly punctual and ready to go from the second he got to the hotel.

What a vision this man has seriously. Some of the shots he took of us were so outside the box and creative. He was so quick with taking all of the family/ bridal party shots, and was loved by everyone!

You can really tell Manolo is passionate about his profession and art. He was an absolutely doll to work with and I will recommend him to everyone!!! Can’t wait to see the final pics! THANK YOU!!”

— Nina Shifrin Guzman | Wedding Wire


“Manolo is truly an artist. Truly genius work. he and all his staff are the nicest people. The quality of the photographs were amazing. I am seriously trying to come up with reasons to have Manolo take pictures of us again.”

— Daniela T | The Knot

“Manolo and his staff were very professional and attentive. They did a great job of explaining to my partner and I how the evening would play out and what to expect as well as how we could best work together to achieve the best results.

The day was perfect and the photos came out beautifully. I would definitely recommend this photographer to a friend.”

— Steven | The Knot

“Manolo was fantastic. He made me feel totally comfortable, beautiful, and like a true bride. I remember looking at pictures of brides in various photographers’ galleries and thinking they looked beautiful but that could never be me. However, with Manolo’s help (plus Makeup by Marz and Art of Hair by Claudia), I was that bride.

The photos are amazing and really capture the essence of every important moment from the big day.
I am very self-conscious and normally cringe at the idea of pictures. However, within 15 minutes of picture taking, Manolo had me doing what we called “Tyra” – I felt comfortable not only in front of the camera, but also posing for his suggested photos. That was something I did not think I could do or wanted to do, but I am SO GLAD I did because the pictures are fantastic!

Manolo is also really fun to work with. My mom, my bridesmaids and I spent the entire “getting ready” time laughing while we were with Manolo.
When I told him that my grandmother and I are close, he made sure to take pictures of the important getting ready moments and of her during the ceremony. I will treasure those photos particularly forever.

To say the least, I highly recommend Manolo and In Focus Studios.”

— Brooke | The Knot


“Don’t think twice about hiring him- just do it. 
The first thing you’ll notice about him (besides his good looks) is his years of experience. He is extremely professional (he won’t ever be late, he’ll always be dressed to perfection, and very respectful of other vendors and your family); knows just about every major venue in Miami (which means he knows where the best shots are); and was a great guide through out the entire wedding process.

He went above and beyond his job description- he helped me find other reputable vendors and never hesitated to advise me regarding other aspects of the wedding. 
I am an attorney and, unfortunately, had little time to spend researching/planning a wedding.

That’s where Manolo won me over, he was more than a photographer, he was a wedding guru/mentor. 
Then, there were his pictures. Every picture was stunning.

He kept true to his turn around time, and boy did he deliver. I will treasure his art for the rest of my life.”

— Erika | The Knot


“I’ve known Manolo and seen his work for many years but never had the pleasure of working with him. So when the time came to choose a photographer, I knew exactly who to call.
And from the very first meeting, I knew that I had made the right decision.

Manolo’s work is clearly impeccable but it’s his dedication and charming personality that pull you in. On one of the most important days of your life, you want to work with someone who makes you feel 100% at ease and comfortable. That’s exactly what Manolo does. My now husband and I felt so comfortable working with Manolo that it made our photos look all the more wonderful. And during the actual ceremony, I completely forgot that he was there taking photos… that may seem strange to say but looking back on the day, I really appreciated it.

Manolo and his team, go above and beyond for each of their clients from start to finish including the whole process of selecting the photos for your album. He provides you with a selection of his favorites and to be honest, our whole album is comprised of those photos that’s how spot on his selections are.

I could go on for days but all you really need to know is that choosing In Focus Studios will be one of the best decisions you could ever make. I know it was one of mine.”

— Ashley | Wedding Wire

“We couldn’t be happier making the decision to work with Manolo for our wedding.

He is an amazing photographer and such a pleasure to work with. His work is amazing and made everything fun from the Engagement shoot, a “His Eyes Only” shoot and the actual wedding day.

Manolo is extremely professional yet so personal with any requests that you may have. I cannot wait until our next event to work with Manolo, as I know his work is one of kind!”

— Ashley | The Knot


“Let me just say, I love Manolo! Now that my wedding has come and gone, my pictures are the most important thing left (besides my marriage).

I saw In Focus Studio’s website, and I almost didn’t call because I thought I could never afford a photographer this awesome. I set up a meeting anyway. Of the seven photographers I met, Manolo was the most expensive. I don’t have any of my pictures back yet because my wedding was only a week ago, but I couldn’t wait to rave about this photographer. I had to set up a payment plan, and it was worth it to have such an amazing photographer.

I would choose him again. He is just such a nice guy. He was so easy to talk to, and as professional as anyone could be. He was helpful with planning and setup, as well as the day of my wedding. He shared ideas that were very helpful.

With emotion and excited running high, he and his team were patient and a pleasure to have present. He treated me like royalty. I felt like he was all mine, like nothing was more important to him than providing what I needed to make my wedding day awesome, and to have it documented just the way I wanted it.

His assistants were great too. From the flowers, to the DJ, to the cake, and the dresses, my photographer was the one I knew was not gonna let me down.

He showed me a few pictures seconds after he took them, and I am amazed at his creativity and skill. It was an honor to have worked with Manolo Doreste and team at In Focus Studios.

— Courtni | The Knot


“We were shocked. Did our highly regarded wedding photographer not only exceed expectations but also take command during disorganized moments and smoothly coordinate a wedding party of 25+ while also fading into the background and not overwhelming a crowd of over 200 guests?

Fascinating: this is how we describe Manolo’s ability to gently capture emotional elements during key moments of the ceremony and reception and deliver hands-on direction for creating cinematic snapshots. He is not just a photographer, he is an artist using a palette of happiness, chaos, celebration, emotion, love and stress to paint a beautiful mural of one of the most special experiences in our lifetime.

His team’s creativity and professionalism can easily be seen when gazing through our engagement photos sailing around Miami’s coast or in our wedding photos dancing and celebrating love among the greenery at Estancia Culinaria.”

— Anicia | Wedding Wire


“Manolo and his staff are absolutely amazing! We were fortunate enough to have him capture our engagement session and wedding. During both occasions he made us feel at ease and it was truly effortless.

His attention to detail, professional disposition and charisma put him above the rest. From the pre-shoot meetings to the wonderful presentation of the photos after the event,

Manolo and his staff go above and beyond to please their clients and make sure every detail is covered.

I am so happy that we chose Manolo to capture our special day- because of his artistry and creativity our photos are absolutely incredible!!”

— Private User | Wedding Wire

“Such professionalism, amazing quality work, very very sweet and makes you feel so special every time. Love him!

My mom adores him! My wedding was in Nov 2015 and she still talks about him all the time. ;)”

— Heidi | The Knot

“I would not have wanted any other photographer by my side on my wedding day. Manolo is fun, kind, professional and crazy talented!

I had the BEST experience with him and would 100% recommend him to all my friends and family. I live in Atlanta, GA and will fly him up here the next time I need a photographer.

Love Manolo, and his team at the studio – everyone is super friendly and responsive. LOVE, LOVE!”

— Madeleine | Wedding Wire
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