Ashley & Izik’s W South Beach Wedding

I was looking forward to Ashley & Izik’s wedding since their engagement photo session at the Perez Art Museum in Miami. On the wedding day we planned for an outdoor ‘First Look’ but the weather had a completely different idea. As a photographer, I am always ready for plan B and so I found all the best alternative spots and captured many editorial style wedding portraits. When Ashley told me her images were “sick”, I knew that was a good thing! Oh, and even sicker was our surprise celebrity guest. Ashly and Izik’s wedding at the W Hotel was sexiness and glam all wrapped up into one.  

Photography: Manolo Doreste
Planning: Paula Jackson
Ceremony & Reception: W South Beach
Dress: Galia Lahav
Entertainment: Sarz Entertainment
Videography: Artistry Wedding Films  
Flowers & Decor: Pedal Productions

Looking for the right place to photograph these shoes was challenging until I finally got them balanced them on the headboard. I know that’s one sexy headboard. The W Hotel has beautiful light and when I captured the make up shot, I felt like I was looking at the yin & yang symbol.

Although we always want a sunny day, the cloudy afternoon provided a beautiful soft glowing light.

This Galia Lahav fitted dress with pearls that appear to magically float on Ashley’s shoulders was high fashion all the way. The matching pearl cuff and chandelier earrings completed the look.

Although not shown here, Izik received a boudoir album entitled “His Eyes Only” with classy and elegant images that I photographed of Ashley at the W Hotel a few months prior to the wedding.

Paula Jackson from B Social Events and Pedal Production gave this couple the modern wedding design they wanted. With the warm lighting, clear acrylic chuppah, and candle-lit runner, the lighting fixtures from the W Hotel fit right in to this design.

When the couple laugh and cry at the ceremony it’s always a good sign. It’s even a better sign when you have crowd participation!

Pedal Productions gave this couple just what they wanted, a glamorous, sexy, and intimate ambiance. I loved the reflective table the couple dinned on and I especially loved how all the tables had acrylic mirrored tops! 

After a very hyped up intro by Michael from Sarz Entertainment, these two began their first dance to a crowd of their closest friends and family. The joy expressed from these two was so genuine, they were all smiles the entire reception.

Dad’s speech was full of humor and sentiment. 

As a photographer the parent dances are some of my favorite moments at a wedding. I love when they are emotionally charged, as was the case with Izik and his dance with his mother.

Sometimes the cake cutting can get messy, but not here. No one was going to ruin that Galia Lahav custom dress. Oh, and that’s an acrylic cake topper that was purchased at The Knot Shop.

Before Sarz Entertainment took over we were able to capture a group photo.

Ashley was very clear she wanted her portraits to feel as if they were straight out of a fashion magazine. The lobby at the W Hotel in South Beach was the perfect fit. Sleek, modern, and retro at the same time, we captured these fashion style portraits before the wedding ceremony.

I am a strong believer that when you photograph a couple on their wedding day, it is important your request are answered with a yes. As was the case here, I asked the staff member if she would permit me to pose the couple behind her desk. We removed the large iMac that was on the desk in post-production. How can you say no to a room of mirrors and sexy lighting?

Here is another example of attaining a yes on the wedding day. Kevin Heart was friendly and eager to get a photo with these two! My motto is, you can’t get a yes if you don’t ask. 🙂

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