Dressing The Part!

I’ve found that the biggest struggle clients face when planning their portraits is what to wear. You dress yourself every day based on your personal style, but the struggle comes when you’re deciding how do you want to be portrayed for years to come. The answer is much more simple than people might think. Stop overthinking it! Here are a few simple steps to looking your best:


1. Look like you’re all going to the same event.

  • Always make sure that everyone in the photo is dressed like they’re going to the same event, meaning, if one of you is in formal attire, the other one isn’t in a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops.

2. Dress in the same color tones.

  • There are 3 color tones we want you to dress in:
    • Light-tone: For example, sky blue.
    • Mid-tone: For example, royal blue.
    • Dark-tone: For example, navy blue.



3. Avoid heavy prints and patterns.

  • Keep any patterns or textures to a minimum, as we don’t want the clothing to distract from you.

4. Wear clothing that you love yourself in.

  • If there are parts of your body that you love to show off, make sure your clothes support that. Likewise, if there are parts of your body that you don’t love, make sure the clothing conceals that.




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