Why Albums Matter…

When all is said and done, if there’s one thing any wedding professionals can agree on is that every day we deal in the art of emotion. Whether it be capturing a moment, creating a beautiful transition through music, or designing a stunning dress that will bring relatives to tears, we all are bound by a commitment to honor the most precious emotions.

My commitment to honoring these emotions and treasuring them for years to come is the very basis for why I stand behind the necessity of Wedding Albums. The type of album, the style, the cover materials, those factors will change from client to client, but the idea that this tangible item becomes your very first family heirloom – is a constant.

It’s a digital world, this we know, we’re reminded every day when we share images in seconds with individuals across the world. And that’s amazing, it really is an incredible time we live in – but your wedding images deserve to be timeless.

What comes after the internet?

What happens when you stop using the cloud or your USB drive is lost for the tenth time?

As you retell the story of your Wedding day to your children or their children, is the idea of your finger swiping across the screen of your phone the only sensation you want to feel? Or for one moment can you imagine the familiar smell of the leather each time you crack open the binding. Can you feel the texture of the pages and the weight of your memories? It is a priceless feeling holding that day in your hands. I am greeted with those feelings with every sample album I share. The story unfolds with every flip of the page, like a child reading a fairytale.

On a personal note, I think my fascination with protecting memories stemmed from the lack of preserved history in my own family. I never had the opportunity to turn the pages in my parent’s wedding album and I don’t have family photos to hang on my wall because those things simply weren’t important to my parents at the time. I have to attribute this desire in me to document the most important moments in my client’s lives to those pieces of my own life that have always been missing.

At the end of the day, investing in photography for your wedding day is investing in the preservation of your memories. Allowing me to design and provide you with this token is allowing me to do just that. This is more than a book, more than a product in a collection, it’s something that will be looked at and shared across the dinner table, opened on your anniversary, met with laughter when cuddled on the couch and closed with tears. This is your story and I am here to tell it.

“What we cherish most about our wedding album is that we can relive my wedding day over and over again. Manolo perfectly captures all the special moments; the laughs, the tears, and the hugs. Our wedding album is truly our favorite book to open. We enjoy sharing the memories and viewing the pictures with our family and friends. As we go through the pages of our album we feel as though we’re transported back to that day and those wonderful moments are priceless to us. Manolo and his team are amazing. As I’m sure like most couples going through the post wedding process we were indecisive about a lot of things. However, Manolo and his team offered great guidance and direction which helped us to create a beautiful album.”

— Shavest & Lee Brotherston



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