2nd time around the charm, Carolyn & Michael’s Recycled Shoot

Sometimes, the second time is a charm.  We’ve all asked for a do over,  for another chance to do something a little different and get a better result. This was the case for this great couple. After receiving the images from their wedding day they quickly realized they wanted another chance to have their vision realized.
They knew, that in order to get different results they would need a different photographer (this is where I come in).  I met with the couple and immediately knew what they wanted and how to go about bringing their ideas to life.

There are many reasons for a recycled shoot.  Sometimes a couple doesn’t feel that the original photographer captured them that way they wanted. Other times, a couple chooses to have their bridal portraits taken after the stress and pressures of the wedding day are over, or, why put that fabulous dress away after wearing it once when we could take some very different, fashion forward images.

The images of this shoot are almost surreal, they have a fantastical vintage feel to them. I enjoyed working with this couple and had a lot of fun but it wasn’t without incident.  There was a moment when I felt my life was in danger.  I never knew that something as beautiful as a peacock could be so threatening.  If they decide to film Karate Kid, the Animal Version….this peacock would have the starring role. Apparently it did not approve of my breach of his territory. It stared be down, spread its wings to intimidate me, began to wail and then….attack….

Luckily, I was able to run for cover and managed to capture these beautiful images.

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Some great shots of a great couple!

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