I do! Now ink me.

It’s not often that an e- session takes place after the wedding, but then again, there is always a first time for everything. The “I do’s” were said, the last of the cake was eaten, the guest were on their way home and this couple was ready to get “inked”.  Erika and Victor were just as excited as I was for this post-wedding shoot to take place. They were anxious to make their mark on one another so we headed to the tattoo parlor, yes that’s right, I said tattoo parlor. This couple was not flying off to a fancy location for their honeymoon just yet.
We did some planning and here is the check list for this to work.

1. Empty tattoo parlor {thank you green machine tattoo’s}
2. Ink & Needles
3. Adult Beverages

So if your looking for something a bit “different” to give your spouse to be, just think, a little ink can go a long way.

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